Lindenwood Christian Church has a long, rich history in Memphis.


We were the sixth church established in the city, originally located on Linden Street in 1854. We have changed our name three times (Linden Street Christian Church, Linden Avenue Christian Church, and Lindenwood Christian Church) through two different locations as we seek to listen and respond to God’s call in our ever changing world. Throughout the city’s history, Lindenwood has sought ways to be a welcoming place for all from serving as a hospital for union soldiers during the civil war to being a place of refuge yellow fever, we are a church invested in the well-being of the community.


Lindenwood Christian Church continues to grow from our deep roots and rich history to live in to the vision of a more united world. We strive for this unity among diversity with open hearts and open minds so that all may find a place to belong. There is excitement as to where God is calling us in the next 175 years as the church in the heart of the city with a heart for the city.